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I aim to bring you help and guidance that will support you with your spiritual, emotional and physical growth. The aim of my website is to help you discover inner knowledge which will empower you to live by your own special wisdom.


I work on a one-to-one basis where I focus on your specific needs and spiritual and inner growth and devlopment. I also offer group readings for 4 or more people.


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Knowledge can create wisdom. However, we can’t always be clear enough in our mind to hear our own wisdom or, sometimes, if we hear it we don’t trust it. Having a reading can clarify our own thoughts or, give us new ideas and direction as we walk our life paths.


There are many kinds of healing to help all aspects of your wellbeing. The basis of all healing is love. Love is the key to creating a happy and harmonious state of being. No matter whether your body, or mind, is feeling out of balance, healing can help you to feel whole again.


71117  -  I have recently released my long awaited double album entitled 'Eclipse'. My first album brings forth to you a beautiful interwoven tapestry of piano, strings and guitars that convey a melodic masterpiece which allows your mind to escape from the mundane and rigour of daily life. The most beautiful and inspiring instrumental music takes you upon a journey to find deep relaxation allowing you personal time for yourself dedicated to your holistic wellbeing.

I also have a strong interest in musical therapy and its beneficial effects on the mind body and soul. I am presently working on a number of compositions towards this. This is a very exciting area of my work, as the potential for music to open peoples' minds, is enormous. It can aid feelings of joy, and unleash creativity, whilst stimulating memories and attention. It can have a positive impact on the mood of the mind. And last but certainly not least, it most definitely aids in not only the healing of the physical body following invasive surgical procedures, it can assist the body and mitigate the effects of surgery and anaetheasia.



Val - Camberley

December 2017

Lisa - Berkshire

January 2017

Sandra - Surrey

December 2017



You can contact me using the form below telling me what you're interested in. I will respond to you via phone or email as quickly as I can. I look forward to hearing from you.


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