Rob Hulford began healing 25 years ago. He  believes the basis of all healing to be love, and that love vibrational energy is the key to enshrining health, happiness,  balance, wellbeing and ultimately abundance in our lives.

There are many kinds of healing to help all aspects of your wellbeing. The basis of all healing is love. Love is the key to creating a happy and harmonious state of being. No matter whether your body, or mind, is feeling out of balance, healing can help you to feel whole again.

Many find this experience very relaxing and beautiful. Love is the principle for all healing and here it is felt with abundance. This healing love supports you through whatever healing process is underway at that present moment for the mind, body and soul.

Why Spiritual Healing

What Does It Do

As a channel, a healer will place their hands on or around the body (some people do not like to be touched and this form of healing is as effective either way). Wherever the hands are placed healing energy is transmitted and will find its way to the required area.


My healing guides work with me and whilst it is not necessary to place hands on the body, this relaxing and beautiful light brings forth  light/love energy that has its own intelligence and will find its way to the areas where it is needed the most.

What Is The Source

Divine light is channelled equally from below (Mother Earth) and above (The Source, God, Great Spirit, Divine Father). This energy meets in the heart of the healer and then becomes one united powerful energy, travelling down their arms into their hands and to the patient.


When undertaking spiritual healing the healer seeks to first connect via  their awareness to the universal source and their respective guides who have been appointed to facilitiate the channeling of the energetic light and love. And usually following a prayer for the light and love to flow forward for the highest good of the patient, the healing may commence.


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