The Tarot Card


Clairvoyance is the word used for when someone has the ability to see into the spirit world.

Clairsensing is the correct term for communicating via the mind, sensing and feeling spirit. 

Clairaudience is the ability to hear spirit. The 'clair' means clear, 'voyance' is seeing, and 'audience' is hearing. Through my awareness I can communicate between worlds and then relay a message from those who wish to speak with you. Usually the contacted spirit will be a relation or friend, but sometimes a higher energy or guide will come through offering advice for you and those close to you. A reading can vary depending on your choice and can include looking forward into your future for up to a year, You will be able to ask questions at the end of the reading and I will endeavour to seek answers.



There is always room for guidance in life; not all questions and challenges that are gifted to us can be unravelled by us alone. With the help of your guides many questions can be answered. Your guides are always ready to listen and give advice where it is needed or requested.

If you are pondering on a decision or have come to a cross roads in your life your guides are here to help you. They can help you to understand your higher purposes and show you events of past lives that may be holding you back or, that you need to recognise within your personality. We all have Guides, Spirits that help us with our life's journey and they always act for our highest good.


Spiritual Counselling focuses on your spiritual self. As we are spirit having a human experience, all that we are and do is spiritual. Often during these se

ssions I connect and communicate directy with your guides and we are able to seek answers and divine guidance to assist you along your spiritual pathway. Each session will include a spirit inspired guidance, help moving forward and hands on/off healing.*


These sessions will help you with your relationships, your career, home life, spiritual awareness, emotional growth and all aspects of life in general. By working directly with your heart, mind and soul, I, together with my guides help you to reveal the hidden aspects of what is holding you back and blocking your peace, abundance, self love and more. These sessions on occasions can inolve myself entering into a trance state to allow spirit to communicate directly with the sitter* (* By prior agreement)


Tarot Card readings are a great way to receive answers to specific questions, or, they can be used for a generic reading (general information to be shared). The pictures help you to understand the message from different perspectives.

The Tarot or Psycards are an uncanningly accurate tool for finding out the truth. Time and time again the accuracy of Tarot readings astounds me. It does not pull its punches and will tell you exactly how things are, good or bad. Do not expect to have a gentle reading. There is a time and a place for all knowledge. Spirit guides the me, instrument to which reading would be best for you should you have any doubts.

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